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Podcast Sacred Playlists: Love, Laughter, and Controversies

"Sacred Playlists: Love, Laughter, and Controversies" is a daring podcast that advances public scholarship making it accessible to Latinx youth and young adults in the U.S.A. The podcast will intertwine spirituality, relationships, and identity, delve into the complexities often ignored by the church, and address theology, gender, and sexuality in the context of capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy. Engaging with a casual and witty tone, "Sacred Playlists" aims to redefine conversations around love, sexuality, and spirituality with a commitment to core values such as responsibility, respect, and relationality.

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To better serve the needs of Latinx youth and young adults in the U.S.A., we have designed a short survey of 12 questions. This set of questions is designed to learn the interests, if any, of Latinx Youth living in the U.S.A. for a podcast on politics, religion, sexuality, and spirituality. It should take around 6 minutes to complete it.



In alignment with HYLA’s pedagogy of leadership formation through doing with mentors, we want to include Latinx high school and college students as part of the creative board. Interested and selected students will be part of the creative board for the design, construction, and pedagogy of the podcast. The last question of the survey asks participants if they would like to be part of the creative team of a podcast that talks about politics, religion, sexuality, and spirituality and if so, what is their contact information for follow-up.


The purpose of the creative board is to assist in decision-making, shape the podcast, evaluate it, and give suggestions for future seasons. 



Members of the board will dedicate approximately one hour every two weeks to participate in working meetings. Members of the board will serve in one-year terms. As the podcast is in its nascent stages, those who join can decide what their work and time commitment will be.



Those who join will gain experience as leaders, designers, podcast producers, and as members of a decision-making board. This is an opportunity to accompany youth in the process of their intergenerational growth and formation. Upon completion of their service, they will receive a letter of recommendation that they can use for job, employment, or scholarship applications.

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